Installation of Cabin, Joists and Roof

Most of our log cabins are easy to install for two persons without hiring professionals. However, if you’re struggling to find time or you don’t feel confident to construct your log cabin, you can use our installation service. Our professional team will ensure your building is constructed safely and to the highest standard.

Our installation is available for the whole of NZ. Prices for some areas may vary, please check before you order. Installation can be booked by contacting us.

Our installers will need a flat level site to install your cabin. If you are unsure if your site needs preparation, we can arrange a site visit ahead of purchase for a small fee which is reimbursed if you proceed with your purchase.

Our installation service includes the installation of the joist pack, skids, log cabin, insulation, roof cladding and spouting, provided these additional components have been included in the purchase.