Build your own timber cabin

Cam House 24 Dakota 03CC 980x325 - Build your own timber cabin

Build your own timber cabin

Most of our log cabins are easy to install yourself. Assembling your own cabin or shed is a one-to-three-day DIY project for two people, depending on the size and model. All our small and medium-sized wooden garden houses can be easily installed without hiring an assembly company.

All our products are delivered in waterproof packaging. All logs and wooden components are numbered for easy assembly. Everything you need is included: All fixings, screws, and nails are included in the standard set together with doors, windows and other necessary details. We even include a very detailed assembly plan and product manual.

After you have carefully read the installation instructions, you can decide whether you should hire an assembly team or grab your tools and get started!

For most of our log cabins and summer houses we have general assembly instructions, detailing all key moments of the assembly. Together with your log cabin you will receive a detailed product manual specific to your cabin. All fixings are included for the assmbly of your cabin.

If you should have any questions regarding your product or its installation, please fell free to contact us.