Maintaining the exterior of your cabin or garage is crucial.

For the best results, we encourage all customers to treat each individual piece of the cabin in its entirety, prior to installation or during the installation process. This is to ensure that all areas of each wooden panel is covered properly.

There are many products used to seal and protect Nordic Spruce, log and timber-frame cabins. Modern offerings have grown to include time-tested formulas, new colours and eco-friendly options to suit each individuals need.

Key areas checklist:

  • Make sure that you treat your cabin as soon as it is built
  • Make sure that you choose the correct treatment
  • Make sure that you re-apply treatment when required
  • Make sure to look out for possible rain damage and leaks
  • Make sure you take measures to control moisture in and around your log cabin
  • Make sure that your log cabin can settle properly
  • Make sure that your log cabin is secure

Please note your cabin will come untreated and preserving/painting the wood is the customer responsibility.


We can arrange our installation team to paint or oil your cabins, inside and out, for you if you don’t have the time or inclination to do this important task yourself.