Wood Fired Hot Tubs

If you are looking for a wood-fired hot tub then look no further. Kirami tubs are pretty, practical, user-friendly and very long lasting. How else could they be the best sellers in Scandinavia, where every second backyard has one and customers do know everything about wood fired hot tubs? All models have a wide choice of inner and outer colors from which to select. Kirami Easy and Cozy models have strong plastic inner baths. They are easy to maintain. They have a life span 15-20 years and the price is more than affordable. It is no wonder they are the most popular wood-fired hot tubs. Kirami Woody tubs are made of thermo wood. They have a classic look and a bit shorter life span than the previous models. Kirami Optima and Ultima hot tubs are made of aluminum. They are the royality of wood-fired hot tubs.

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